Fighting Bujutsu

Arcade Video game published 23 years ago by Konami

Fighting Bujutsu screenshot

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Fighting Bujutsu © 1997 Konami Company, Limited.

A 3-D fighting game from Konami.
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Konami Cobra System Hardware

Main CPU : Power PC603e 100MHz
Sub CPU : Power PC604 100MHz & Power PC403GA 33MHz
Sound CPU : 68EC000 @16 MHz
Sound Chip : Ricoh RF5C400 PCM 32 Channel, 44.1 kHz Stereo Output, 3D Effect Spatializer
Video Boards : 3DFX Chips X 2 (1 for PixelFX and 1 for TexelFX)
3-D Mathmatics Chip : Analog Devices "Sharc" Chip
Control Chip? : AMD Mach 111 Microcontroller N676A1
Video resoution : 640 x 400 Pixels + Mini LCD Screen Capability
Colours : 16 bit Color x 2
Raster System : 144 bits/pixel Frame Buffer including 16 bit Color x 2, 8 bit Alpha, 32bit Depth (Floating Point Z-buffers), 12 bit Stencil, 256 Level alpha Blending, Polygon & Wire Frame Rasterization
Rendering : 1-5 Million Polygons/sec, 50-250 Million Pixels/sec
Also known as Fighting Wu-Shu, Fighting Bujutsu was released in August 1997. It was the first (and only) game to run on Konami's powerful Cobra hardware. Konami's fighting game was in direct competition with Sega's "Virtua Fighter 3".
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