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Fighter's History Dynamite [Model DECD-003]

SNK Neo-Geo CD published 25 years ago by Data East


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Fighter's History Dynamite © 1994 Data East Corp.

Get ready for the fight of your life!

One-on-one action in a fight you'll never forget. Muscles of steel and quick reflexes will be your only allies in this NEO-GEO CD game from DATA EAST! 13 fighters to choose from! Don't be fooled by appearances, each fighter has a terrifying array of maneuvers including Zazie's "Hellfire" attack, Yungmie's "Neri Chagi" attack, Matlok's "Overhead Kick", Jean's "Needle Shower", and Karnov's "Balloon Attack"!
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ID: DECD-003


Fighter's History Dynamite for Neo-Geo CD was released on December 22, 1994 in Japan and United States of America.

All music was remixed but one difference from the MVS and AES versions is that the music continues playing throughout the entire fight without stopping during KO's between rounds. In the MVS and AES versions, the fast paced version of the stage theme played when a round was nearing its end, in the CD versions these themes do not exist.
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