FIFA Soccer 96 [Model SLUS-00038]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by EA Sports

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FIFA Soccer 96 © 1995 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]

A PlayStation optimised version of possibly the most successful soccer series of all time.

All the expected options are here, from Cup and League creation games to one-off friendlies. Every league and national team operates under FIFA's considerable governing body - that's over 300 teams, all rated accurately according to ability.

The game engine has been completely overhauled to make maximum use of PlayStation technology and it shows - from the impressive Virtual Stadium, to the 7 viewing angles, to John Motson's commentary. The sprites are all motion captured and animated over, so spectacular moves are exaggerated to great effect.


Game ID: SLUS-00038


Released in November 1995 in USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "FIFA Soccer 96 [Model SLES-00116]"


Extended Play Productions
Producer: Bruce E. McMillan
Associate Producer: Marc Aubanel
Assistant Producer: Masahiko Yoshizawa
Director, Product Development: Warren Wall
Development Director: Ted Sylka
Lead Programmer: Kevin P. Pickell
Programmer: Ken Lam, Mark Gipson, Chris Johnson, Jan G. Tian, Hiroshi Ueda
Lead Artists: Jackie Marie Ritchie, Dianna Davies
Artists: Terry Chui, Lee Steg, Suzan Germic, Laura Luris
Animators: David DeMorest, Joe MacDonald
SGI Artists: John Rix, Craig Hui
Additional Art: Caroline Ancessi, Richard Dean Johnson, Margaret Livesey
Art Director: David Adams
Audio Lead: Robert Bailey
Play by Play Speech: John Motson
Musical Arrangement: Graeme Coleman
Audio & Video Editing: Chris E. Taylor
Video Compression: Kerry Whalen
Sound Editing: Craig Waddell (Gotham City Recording)
Data Entry: Nicholas Wlodyka
Quality Assurance Lead: Jonathan Dowdeswell
Quality Assurance Back-up Lead: D'Arcy Gog
Quality Assurance Testers: Geoff Ball, Jason Bone, Jeff Hutchinson, Robert Kaill, Adam MacKay-Smith, Peter Saumur, Darren Sleno, Gordon Thornton, Greg Williams, Timothy Lewinson, Paul Breland, Paul Adamson
Language Testers: Martin Peterken, Sebastion Douce, Christofer Sundberg, Juan Garfias
Tools & Libraries: Frank Barchard, Andrew Brownsword, Gerry Shaw, Rick Friesen
Audio Libraries: Iain Macanulty
Soccer Consultant: Carl Valentine
Translations: Carol Aggett, Dominique Goy, Bianca Normann, Graeme Wilson
Product Marketing: Neil Thewarapperuma, Chip Lange, Clive Downie

Film and Video
Director: Taylor Moore
Producer: Taylor Moore
Director of Photography: David Frazee
2nd Unit Camera: Glenn Taylor
Focus Puller: Steven Maier
2nd Camera Assistant: Terry Lee
Assistant Director: Mathew Buck

Film Talent
Trainer: Jock McDonald
Talent: Steven MacDonald, Martin Nash, Domenic Mobilio, Paul Shepherd
Special Thanks: Brian Plank, Shawn Taras, Jeff van Dyck
Certain photographs furnished by: AllSport Photographic, Shaun Botterill, Billy Strickland, Rick Stewart, Ben Radford, Jonathan Daniel, Simon Bruty, Chris Cole, David Cannon, John Gichigi, Clive Brunskill
Product Manager: Neil Thewarapperuma, Clive Downie
Documentation: Jason Armatta, Neil Cook
Documentation Layout: Fiona Curren, Tracey Innes
Quality Assurance: Brian Studwell, Chris Baena


Game's CD.