Fiend Hunter [Model RSCD-3002]

NEC PC-Engine CD disc published 27 years ago by Right Stuff

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Fiend Hunter © 1993 Right Stuff

Fiend Hunter is a side-scrolling action RPG by Right Stuff. The game sees the player cast as Feed Sluster, a bounty 'fiend' hunter, and his little companion Exy, a cute fire elemental. The game is divided into three major parts - The RPG section gets our heroes to wonder around towns, talk to people and gather information to move the story along. They then head off to explore the nearby areas. This section follows a traditional side-scrolling formula that certainly reminds other games such as Prince Of Persia - the challenge of these sections is to climb platforms, unlock doors, crawl through dark tunnels and avoid falling into bottomless pits. Exy is also there to help the player access visibly unreachable areas or use its natural powers to light the darkness. However, during these phases, Feed won't encounter a single foe. In Fiend Hunter, each stage features instead battle-points where the scrolling stops and a demon-like creature attack our heroes. During these duel-like fights, the player uses his sword to slash at his enemies - Exy can be called to the rescue to either protect Feed or attack the current opponent. Defeated demons drop various items such as power-up gems - these crystals can be used to increase one of Feed's attributes (such as vitality etc...) or upgrade Exy. Other items such as potions, power rings can also be collected and, most importantly, keys which are required to unlock gates and progress in the game.
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Game ID: RSCD-3002
Fiend Hunter was released on April 16, 1993 in Japan for 7800 Yen.
Game's CD.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com