Felix the Cat [Model NES-FC-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 28 years ago by Hudson Soft.

Felix the Cat [Model NES-FC-USA] screenshot

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Felix the Cat © 1992 Hudson Soft [Hudson Group].

The World's Most Famous Cat is off on his greatest adventure yet! Felix must rescue his girlfriend Kitty from his oldest adversary - The Professor. You see, The Professor has kidnapped her and demands Felix's Magic Bag of Tricks as ransom. Now it's up to Felix to save the day! Join Felix on his worldwide search - fly a monoplane across mountains, delve into the ocean depths in a submarine and race across bizarre landscapes in a wild and wacky one-wheeled car! All of these provided by the Magic Bag of Tricks!

But beware! The Professor has his crew out to stop Felix. Rock Bottom, Poindexter and Master Cylinder can't wait to try their luck at capturing our courageous hero. So get set for incredible action in a world where imagination is all a hero needs!
Released in October 1992 in the USA.

[FR] April 1993 - Consoles + No. 19: 87/100
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