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Favor of the Gods

Slot Machine published 5 years ago by Multimedia Games, Inc.

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Favor of the Gods © 2014 Multimedia Games, Inc.

The Gods Ra (The Light) and Anubis (The Dark) continually battle throughout Favor of the Gods™. Either of the gods may randomly turn their associated theme symbols wild, Sun Coins for Ra and Moon Coins for Anubis. The duo are always trying to outdo the other – unexpected wilds from Ra or Anubis may turn up through game play, Ra might shoot out a sun ray after a losing spin to give a player a credit award, or Anubis may bless a winning spin by throwing down this dark smoke and awarding a 2-times, 3-times, 5-times, or 8-times multiplier. Players will have to pick from one of the two volatile gods during the Free Spin Bonus feature: Ra, who will promise to give smaller, but more frequent awards, or Anubis, who offers larger awards with less frequency.


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