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Fathom [Model 03205]

Atari 2600 cart. published 36 years ago by Imagic, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Fathom © 1983 Imagic.

Locate the three missing pieces of Neptune's Trident and free Neptune's daughter 7 times from her prison at the bottom of the sea.

* Switch forms from dolphin to seagull to search the sea and the sky for the three pieces of the Trident.

* Learn to make magical stars appear in the sky and the starfish appear in the sea. They are your key to finding the Trident pieces!

* Once you have the Trident, swing to the bottom of the sea and free the mermaid! Hurry! Time is ticking down!


Model 03205


* If you free Neptina, you automatically advance to the next level (2, 3 etc.). Your score for the new Level returns to 50.

* When you free Neptina, the points you earn on the Level are added to the point bank with the total number of points earned on all previous Levels.

* The points you earn are multiplied by the Level number you are on. Example: Earn 50 points on Level 2 and 100 points are stored in the point bank (50 x 2 = 100).


Here's how to fin and fly through Level 1. After that you're on your own!

As the dolphin swims down, octopuses and two sea horses appear. Touch both sea horses. Then touch the starfish that appears. A piece of the Trident now shows at the bottom of the screen. Note: You must reach both sea horses and the starfish without leaving that section of the sea. If you don't, return to the surface and try again.

Next dive through lines of seaweed. More sea horses appear. Touch one and a bird symbol shows at the bottom of your screen. Return to the surface now, or try to reach other sea horses for additional points.

Jump out of the water when you reach the surface. Fly to the left or right. Land appears. Flap your wings hard and fly up. Touch two pink clouds in that section of the sky and a star appears. Touch it. You'll have another piece of the Trident. Return to the dolphin. Fly until you reach land on the other side. Repeat the game of tag with pink clouds. Touch one pink cloud and acquire a fish symbol; touch the other and a star appears. Touch the star and the third piece of the Trident is yours. Return to the dolphin, change forms and dive for the bottom. when you arrive, the mermaid's prison will dissolve.


Programmer: Rob Fulop
Graphics assisted by: Michael Becker, Wilfredo Aguilar


[US] PC [Microsoft Windows, CD-ROM] (oct.2003) "Activision Anthology: Remix Edition"
[US] Apple Macintosh [CD-ROM] (2003) "Activision Anthology: Remix Edition"

Game's ROM.