Fast 'N' Furious [Model PR2071]

A Fruit Machine by Mazooma Games

Emulated in MAME !
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Fast 'N' Furious © 200? Mazooma Games.

Fast 'N' Furious is a fiery multi-stake game with a multiple Hi-Lo feature.

Fill the 1-8 trail or obtain a reel win to enter the feature. Gamble Hi-Lo on 3 reels to fill the Super KOs, Nudges and Winspins pots.

Gamble to a lit 'Feature Exchange' point to be offered a feature. If you reject this offer, the feature will be turned red for next time around, when you might get some big wins!

Collecting Super KOs awards knockouts above the current cash ladder level.


[Model PR2071]
Technology : Scorpion 4
Cabinet : Eclipse Front-Opening
Jackpot : £25
Stakes : 10/20/30p multi-stake play

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