Fast & Furious - Super Cars

Arcade Video game published 9 years ago by Raw Thrills

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Fast & Furious - Super Cars © 2010 Raw Thrills.

The Fast & Furious movie series is all about the merging of technology and muscle. Raw Thrills combines technology and muscle to produce 2011's leading driving game for the world: Fast & Furious - Super Cars! The classic franchise screams into the new decade with true hi-def resolution, a 1080p display, and a slick attention-grabbing cabinet.

And as with all Raw Thrills games, Fast & Furious - Super Cars is designed from the ground up for reliability and durability.
Fast & Furious - Super Cars features 27 scorching tracks, 10 all-new cars from the hottest makers, and a fresh new sound package. As with all Raw Thrills racing games, Fast & Furious - Super Cars is linkable to 8 positions. It also features our standard PIN account system, which builds player loyalty without expensive and high-maintenance card systems.
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Available as a 32” or 42” cabinet or as kit to update old cabinets.

Upgrade Your Old CRT To The Hottest Driving Game
Convert one of your older drivers to the hot Fast & Furious Super Cars with an LCD Conversion Kit. Turn your old CRT driver to the hottest driving game on the market! Boasting 27 different race courses (new and re-mastered favorites), 10 new Super Cars, new tricks, new stunts and over 20 player achievements that unlock a multitude of upgrade options that are sure to keep players dropping coins. Super Cars are linkable up to eight seats for the ultimate arcade racing experience. This LCD conversion kit can convert Cruis’n USA, Cruis’n World, Cruis’n Exotica, Off Road Challenge, California Speed and others. The kit includes game software, all electronics, Dell PC, wiring, harness, steering wheel with belt, cabinet art and marquee. The operator just has to provide the LCD monitor.


1.11 5/02/11
- update calibration to better support analog brake
- update chinese title logos

1.10 4/20/11
- GTR: blacked out a-pillar, removed tailpipe and tire flames

1.09 4/19/11
- OS 10.0h: support GT4XX cards and add XP SP3
- support analog brake, calibration detects accordingly
- change references to "tunes" button to "music"
- support chinese language mode via system settings

1.08 3/11/11
- OS change 10.0b to 10.0f: additional ATI and Intel GFX drivers
- prevent boot-up wheel slam
- restored support for service dongles
- search and find i/o board, speedo/tach boards, dongle after
disconnect/static shock
- removed erroneous ip information from bootup net error message
- moved "i/o board not found" message to bottom of screen
- added progress, format to factory restore
- fixed bug enabling network when cancelling out of net config menu
- audit, pref and high score data validated when read
- added audits for i/o board, dongle loss and recovery
- audits realigned for readability
- version file moved to os drive
- copyright information updated, OLP logos added
- prevent net ad attract screen from aborting developer credits
- restored fnf/drift style wheel control in select screens
- jump timer to 15s when a letter is added in name entry rather
than full 30s
- fixed slowdown in dancing girl videos
- car models, logos updated to meet manufacturer requests
- improved in-air vehicle alignment to path
- revised spinout to bounce off walls, finish aligned to track path
- tweaked general physics for less slowdown off walls, more controlled
collisions, better landings from jumps
- account for speed spikes when resetting stuck car
- minor tweaks to spark effects
- turn, distance remaining, autopilot messages moved up on screen
- several small crash fixes

1.02 12/9/10
- initial shipping version

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