Fantasy Zone

Nintendo NES cart. published 30 years ago by Tengen, Inc.

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Fantasy Zone © 1989 Tengen

Imagine the wildest, wackiest place in the Universe and you've got Fantasy Zone.

As Opo-Opo, a living spaceship, you'll marvel at the incredible landscapes filled with the strangest creatures. Watch out. They may look cute and innocent, but they're Menons, nasty aliens that have overrun the eight planets that make up Fantasy Zone.

Your job is to clear each world of Menons. Every time you zap one, it runs into a coin. Collect enough coins and you can buy power-up items like deadlier weapons and mightier engines.

At the end of every planet lurks a super-powerful boss. Find a way to blast past these monsters in order to continue your exciting journey in the Fantasy Zone.


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