Fantasy Soccer

Arcade Video game published 1 year ago by Universal Space Video Game

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Fantasy Soccer © 2019 Universal Space Video Game.

The excitement of one of the most popular sports on the planet returns to arcades thanks to UNIS.

Chose your team (based on a generic country and not using any licensed team) then play an accelerated version of soccer for one to eight players (up to four per cabinet; two cabinets can link together).

Where the game takes a page from Namco's 2001 arcade title, World Kicks. Control the position of your player using a large joystick; change players and accelerate using the buttons. Kick the ball by kicking a literal soccer ball that is fastened to the bottom of the cabinet.
Uses an unspecified PC configuration

Comes with two LCD monitors; the primary display is 50" in size, then the second monitor that shows "live' commentary is 28".

Comes with a camera that takes an avatar picture of each player.

The real soccer balls at the bottom of the cabinet are fastened to metal arms and can be replaced with other soccer balls.

Can link together with another cabinet for 8-player matches.
Released in March 2019.

Initially unveiled at the GTI Asia China Expo 2018 event and it was later confirmed for a worldwide release at the IAAPA 2018 trade show in Orlando, FL.

After the IAAPA unveil, some changes were made to the software to make it more appealing to casual players. This included the change of three to a two button game and the addition of the USA to the team roster.