Family Guy Bowling

Arcade Video Game published 1 years ago by Team Play

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Family Guy Bowling © 2018 Team Play.

Join the Griffin family for a night at the bowling alley in this hilarious and irreverent take on arcade bowling.

1-4 users can play as one of 8 Family Guy characters in the several game modes, including standard bowling frames, league/tournament play(4-8 players), going for the Red Pin Challenge, playing a Beer Frame, or aiming to join the prestigious Club 300.

The game plays clips from the show before and after a match; different clips will also play during the game's attract mode.

Uses cel-shaded 3D graphics to reproduce the cartoon-look of the show. Claims to use "Real bowling physics - Nothing faked!"


PC-based arcade game.

Controlled with a trackball and button

Produced in a 55" and 65" screen models; also available as just the pedestal cabinet where the location can use their own wall-mounted TV or a projector.

Can use a Standard or Deluxe marquee, the latter being larger and uses more impressive lighting.

Offers a ticket dispenser or ticket printer option for locations to turn it into a redemption game, or for bars to offer prizes like free drinks for reaching a certain game score.


Released in March 2018.

Officially licensed by 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

Per the game programmer Brian Smolik, this was designed to fill in the void of bowling arcade games on the modern market, as the last time such a game was released was Silver Strike X by Incredible Technologies in 2009.

Features an adult mode for the more mature humor to be shown in the clips; this can be shut off by the game operator.

Playable characters: Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Chris Griffin, Meg Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian the dog, Cleveland and Quagmire.

A "home model" was also made at a lower cost for those who like having a bowling arcade game in their game room.


Game programmer: Brian Smolik

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