Family Feud [Video Slot]

Slot Machine published 17 years ago by IGT

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Family Feud © 2002 IGT {International Game Technologies].

One of TV's most well-known game shows is cominng to a casinos near you in the form of a video slot. The 'Family Feud' Video slot game featuring the FACE-OFF. bonus is one theme in a series of FAMILY FEUD games that takes you to the set of this long-running show.

During the FACE-OFF bonus, you will feel like you're in the thick of the action where two rounds of play can offer big rewards.

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LET'S PLAY THE FEUD! Where three Richard Dawson symbols land on reels 1,2, and 3 of a played line, two rounds of clan clashing begin in the FACE-OFF bonus. As round one begins. you select a contestant in order to reveal the number of "picks" the game awards. The unselected contestant's number is also revealed if you select the contestant witht the higher number, all winnings in round two of the bonus are doubled. In the beginning of round two, you select on of the five family members to answer a famous ''Family Feud'' survey question. If the selected character responds with an asnwer that is revealed on the familiar answer board , you are treated to a nostalgic STRIKE (X). If you accumulate three strikes or no picks remain, all fie answers are revealed on the answer board, the game awards the value on the bonus win meter, and the game retuns to regular play.

Line up five Family Feud symbols on the first payline with the maximum bet wagered and take home the top award.

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