Family Feud

Sony PlayStation 3 game published 9 years ago by Ludia, Inc.

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Family Feud © 2010 Ludia.

SURVEY SAYS! Family Feud s fun on your PlayStation 3 system! Just like on TV, the game pits 2 families against each other in a contest to name the most popular answers to survey questions posed to 100 people. The first family to get 300 points wins, and moves on to the Fast Money round for a chance to win $20,000! With a Multiplayer mode played on one PS3 or online through PlayStation Network, Family Feud has never been so entertaining!


* A true-to-TV experience:
Play as the head of a family against your challengers! including all your favorite elements from the TV show, including Face Off & Fast Money rounds combine with authentic theme music to create realistic game show excitement.

* 3 Modes of Play:
- Play Solo, enjoy Multiplayer mode played on one PS3 or play online through Play Station Network. Tons of questions keeps game play fresh!

* Enhanced Playbility:
- Easy-to-use, predictive text input and auto spell check & correction makes answering questions lightning fast.


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