Fairy Land 3

Slot Machine published by Belatra

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5-reel 15-line video slot. No doubt it's no easy for a plain frog to turn into the charming princess. One really needs to be fortunate enough to make this fulfilled. Besides, a great deal of self-sufficiency is required for achieving this end. In the long run the way filled with difficulties will be left behind and the prince will be found.
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Risk Game : When a winning combination falls on the reels the frog pushes by the right or the left water lily stem. She either eats the butterfly and the win is doubled, or she becomes a snack for the heron and the win is lost. In case the frog is lucky to have eaten five butterflies the additional prize sum is added to the win.

Free Games : The Free Games start when the combination 'Duck Frog Duck' occurs on a line. If the gambler gets the very combination the ducks raise the frog to some height that corresponds to the definite number of free games.

Bonus Game : The team consisting of three or more frogs on the main display helps the princess to get into the Bonus Game. The frog-princess is floating on the water lily pad from side to side. She should make up her mind and take a jump to one of the lily pads, and at the same time try to remain unnoticed by the heron. As soon as all of the five lily pads are passed the frog reaches the FAIRY LAND Island. Here finally the magic transformation of the frog into the entrancing princess takes place. Now she should seek and find the way to the prince by choosing between the right or left castle door.