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List of songs playables on this page:

01 the title.vgz02 the tale of ehrgeiz.vgz03 victory.vgz04 escape.vgz05 run away in the airship!.vgz06 hong kong reggae.vgz07 continental train.vgz08 the end of the journey.vgz09 door of truth.vgz10 fate.vgz11 those who fight (from ffvii).vgz12 prelude (from ffvii).vgz13 a song for the man of the future.vgz14 the legend..vgz15 der ehrgeiz..vgz16 a self-service selector..vgz17 elevator.vgz18 fresh fish.vgz19 continue.vgz20 stage clear.vgz21 map song 1.vgz22 map song 2.vgz23 map song 3.vgz24 map song 4.vgz25 11th.vgz26 fanfare (from ff1-6).vgz27 fanfare (from ffvii).vgz28 unknown 1.vgz29 unknown 2.vgz30 unknown 3.vgz31 speaker check.vgz