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Arcade Video game kit published 33 years ago by Taito

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Exzisus © 1987 Taito Corp.

Conversion Kit version. For more information about the game itself, please see the original dedicated version.


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There is a LOT of differences between each other, possibly due to the various disparities between having full dedicated hardware and a simple software conversion kit running off of older and possibly weaker hardware:
- A barrier upgrade exists in the dedicated version that does not appear at all in the conversion kit version. This allows the player to take several hits from enemies without dying.
- Many enemies in the dedicated version emerge from the background and move into the foreground. In the conversion kit version, they just simply appear from the edges of the screen.
- Almost ALL of the enemy patterns in each version are different. The dedicated board's enemy varation is a tad more scarce, enemies frequently appear from the right, while the conversion kit's enemies are a bit more varied in placement and design.
- The conversion kit introduces a pickup canister that can be shot to obtain powerups. These do not appear in the dedicated version. In the dedicated version, shooting a row of enemies à la Gradius will net you an upgrade instead.
- To coincide with the removal of the background objects in the conversion kit, the missile upgrade no longer fires into the background, and instead will trail onto the ground horizontally, making it more useful for taking out the laser turrets.

Game's ROM.