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Ex Zeus

Arcade Video game published 16 years ago by Tsunami Visual Technologies

Ex Zeus screenshot

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Ex Zeus © 2003 Tsunami Visual Technologies.

A misterious asteroid appears orbiting the planet. It is soon discovered that the asteroid is really an alien war machine bringing invaders to the Earth! The people of Earth build giant, flying, fighting robots to save humanity. Now you take control of one?s Earth?s robot saviors and do battle with the alien attackers!
* Interactive motion ! Feel yoour chair fly up and down and form side to side as you fly your robots into battle. Dodge enemy attacks or the explosions will rock and shake around!
* 5 unique levels with mysterious and exotic enviroments.
* 3 different robots to control - Choose your favorite look and color.
* 5 challenging level bosses to defeat.
* Cool 3D graphics effects with colorful explosions and intensely fast action animations.
* Original soundtrack with hight-energy techno beat keeps pace with the intnesity of the action.


Tsumo Multi-Game Motion System

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Official website: http://tsunamivisual.com/prd_EZ.html