ES Evolution Soccer

Arcade Video Game published 18 years ago by Evoga Ent.

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ES Evolution Soccer © 2001 Evoga Entertainment.

A soccer game from Evoga Entertainment.


Zealer Board Hardware

Main CPU : SE3208 (@ 43 Mhz)
Sound Chips : Vrender0 (@ 43 Mhz)

Players : 4
Control : 8-Way Joystick
Buttons : 4
=> Low Pass/Shoot/Sliding, High Pass/Tackle, Turbo, Special Techniques


Developed by BreezaSoft, ES Evolution Soccer was released on August 31, 2001.

This game runs on Zealer Board (so-called 'Crystal System'). There are various games on this system, this one and "Office YeoInCheonHa", "Mahl Dalrijah", "EuhRahtChaCha Mooh Daeri", "Cutey Fatty", "Dong-geul Dong-geul Haerong-yi", "Bohmool-Seom", and so on.


This game has 2 regions, Mexico and the rest of the world. With Mexico region, you can play Mexican teams with the others, no surprise, international teams.


* Play against all star team : Win all matches and the message ''New Challenger'' must appears.


Executive Producer : Yosh Jinno
Director : Radel
Planner : Edu
Programmers : YuritaRo, Hara
Graphics : Yama-o, Nori-Y, Moyetor, Quincho, Ziul, A. Kanji, Cormon, Isgago, Yama, Hashimoto, Sio
3D-Works : Yama-o, Chinchilla, Techonz
Researchers : Zhila, CasDom V, Panda
Voices: Zhila, Furank
Sounds Creator : Yasuo Yamate
Adviser : Lucertola
Special Thanks : Muking, Okax, Nori Nori, Erisan, H-Sama-B, Ryuji-PS, Chinchuilin, Lix, Nakasan, U_Ske, [email protected], Boss

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