Elephant King

Slot Machine published 19 years ago by IGT

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Escape to the private little world of the Elephant King 5-reel, 9-line game, where jungle drums, exotic sounds and colorful images transport you into a tantalizing realm of imagination and gaming excitement. A wild kingdom of animated elephants, tigers, monkeys and zebras, along with other compelling symbols decorate the slot reels.

You will feel like the King of the Jungle when you sit down to the Elephant King game. Ungawa!


Game King


When three Elephants stop anywhere on the middle three reels of this game, look out! The giant Elephant King character appears and trumpets an excited introduction to the bonus round. The jungle rumbles in anticipation of the 3-Free Spin bonus round, where every re-spin is a guaranteed win. Tension builds as the elephants animate, and the reels begin to quiver and shake preparing for each free spin. Reels spin in different directions, accompanied by riveting stereo sound effects, and a flurry of credits won.


Microsoft Windows (2008, "IGT Slots - Little Green Men")
Mac Os X (2008, "IGT Slots - Little Green Men")

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