Electrocop [Model PA2021]

Atari Lynx cart. published 32 years ago by Atari

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Electrocop © 1989 Atari Corp.

Word just arrived that the notorious Criminal Brain had kidnapped the President's daughter. The Criminal Brain's ransom demand is completely unacceptable--give him total control of the entire world or the First Daughter dies. The President's voice shook with emotion as he called you personally. You, the Electrocop, are the only one capable of rescuing the President's daughter before time runs out. If you fall, the Criminal Brain will assassinate her without pity or remorse.

It's up to you to penetrate the Criminal Brain's technoid stronghold, the Stell Complex. Inside you will encounter explosive traps, electrified floors, and hordes of criminal driods. With a little luck, you may also find powerful weapons to help you defeat the enemy.

You will find computer terminals throughout the complex. The computer will help you open doors, relieve stress with video games, or understand the dastardly ways of the evil mastermind. But the computer will not give you the quick reactions and good judgement you will need to survive. For that you must rely on your own abilities.

Do you have what it takes to rescue the President's daughter and serve justice to the world's most evil criminal? Or are you destined to be just another victim of the Criminal Brain's frightful plan? The world is relying on you. Perform your sworn duty as an officer of the law. But remember, this rescue mission is not as straight-forward as it sounds.


Model PA2021


You score by destroying evil guardians, exiting a level, and opening doors. You receive 1,000 points for each door you open with a code. You receive bonus points when you exit a level.

The following table lists the number of points received for each evil robot guardian.
Walker: 125 points
Python: 250 points
Mine: 375 points
Wall Cannon: 500 points
Virus: 625 points
Stringray: 750 points


* Use the computer often. It will save your life.

* Look for exit signs, but beware. Some exit signs transport you to the next level, but others will take you where you don't want to go. Keep track of exits you may want to avoid in the future.

* Learn to recognize and use the different kinds of weapons. Also, remember where to find the weapons. If you lose your weapon, you will need to find another as quickly as possible.

* Don't waste valuable time waiting while the computer searches for the correct door codes. If you continue working in the halls, then return to the door later, the computer remembers and acknowledges the code.

* Level Select: Turn off sound at title screen (press PAUSE, then OPTION 1), then hold Up and Left and press A+B until the message LEVEL 1 gets displayed (instead of the usual NOW TELEPORING TO LEVEL 1). Now you can choose the starting level.


Programmer: Greg Omi


Game's ROM.