Electric Energizer [Spear the Dragon]

Coin-op Shocker published 90 years ago by ESCO

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Electric Energizer [Spear the Dragon] © 1929 Exhibit Supply Company..

Spear the dragon. Test your nerve. Can you hold knobs until the bell rings ?


The cabinet was made from natural finished oak with nickeled trimmings. The machine stood 7 feet 4 inches and weighted 130 lbs. The ornate scene decorating the front of the cabinet was made from papier-maché which was painted to highlight the theme.


The Electric Energizer is highly desirable and less than 10 are known to exist.

This Shocker was very popular and most arcades in 1930s has a least one.

The Electric Energizer was advertised as 'The best and most novel electric shock machine in the world'.

Machine's picture.
Automatic Pleasures - The History of the Coin Machine - Nic Costa - 1988 - Page 148