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El Magnifico

Slot Machine published 11 years ago by Webak Elektronik

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El Magnifico © 2008 Webak Elektronik.

The game El Magnifico is presented as a 5-reel 9-line game. Different combinations of the reel symbols lead to winnings according to the amounts as listed in the win table.

The bet is taken off the existing credit at the start of the game.
By pressing the button START all symbol reels are started simultaneously and stopped one after another Wins
The win is presented with three or more of the same symbols from left to right. Some of the symbols can be replaced with JOKER symbols.
The win is calculated according to the actual scores of the reels and can be looked up in the winnings table by pressing button HOLD 2.

Should there be a win situation, the winnings can be added to the credit either after another risk game or immediately. By pressing HOLD 5 the player can start a risk game, or by pressing the START button he can add the winnings to CREDIT and play the next game.
At the risk game the player has the possibility to place his win and to double or even quadruple it.


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El Magnifico Bonus
With three, four or five Mouse symbols at any position on the screen the player wins the El Magnifico bonus: 10, 15 or 20 free games. All wins within these free games will be collected and added to the credit after the bonus game.
If within these free games the BANKO symbol appears on the center reel the temporary win of the bonus game will be doubled.

With three, four or five golden coins on one win line the player will enter the Labyrinth.
By pressing START the starting position will be chosen. Now the player has to opt for one out of three moving directions by pressing START again. Depending on the spot-colour reached the player either gets a win (yellow), misses out or has to leave the labyrinth (red). All wins of the bonus game will be collected and added to the Credit after leaving the labyrinth.