Eight 4 Fun

Slot Machine published 15 years ago by Webak Elektronik

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Eight 4 Fun © 2004 Webak Elektronik.

The game Eight 4 Fun has got a random number generator, which controls gambling and represents it in form of a 3x3-cylinder game with 8 win lines on a colour monitor. Different combinations of the symbols on the cylinders lead to winnings according to the amounts of the winning plan. With the START button all cylinders are started at the same time. The cylinders are automatically successively stopped. Together the cylinders can be stopped by renewed pressing of the START button. The cylinders can be held separately by pressing the button Hold 3, Hold 4 or Hold 5. In case of a winning situation the amount of the winnings can either be added immediately to the credit or after playing another Gambling.


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The bonus win is received only when the same symbol is in all 8 win lines. Symbol combination for win is ALL FRUIT (all 9 cylinders are fruits), ALL BAR (all 9 cylinders are Bars), or ALL SEVEN (all 9 cylinders are Seven).

If there are 3 bingo symbols in one line, the bingo play starts. With the entrance into the bingo play, the symbol which would bring the highest bonus win is pre-selected. With the START button all cylinders are started, except those that contain the selected symbol. Maximum all 9 cylinders can contain same symbol. For each new bingo symbol an addition round is acquired.

Game's screenshot.