Egyptian Riches [Monopoly - Big Event]

Slot Machine published 14 years ago by WMS Gaming, Inc.

Egyptian Riches [Monopoly - Big Event] screenshot

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Egyptian Riches [Monopoly - Big Event] © 2005 WMS Gaming.

Everybody roots for the big rolls and the big prizes! When the Big Event bonus triggers, all qualifying players enter the bonus round and win together. A Big Event multiplier, determined by the player's bet and speed of play, is also awarded in the bonus round. The table-game-like camaraderie, never seen before in a slot, creates a hotspot on the slot floor.


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The Big Event bonus is a randomly triggered bonus. When triggered, the Big Event bonus is announced on the screen of every eligible player. The player looks up at the big screen to see which of the 6 Big Event Bonuses is awarded - Mr. Monopoly's Prize, Free Parking, Chance, Community Chest, Railroad Riches or Once Around. The Once Around bonus is the largest and most rewarding of all the bonus rounds. In this bonus, Mr. Monopoly keeps rolling the dice until all players move once around the Monopoly board, starting at GO. Credits are awarded each time the player lands on a property. Additional bonus rounds are triggered if a player lands on Electric Company, Water Works, Chance, Community Chest, Free Parking or any of the Railroads. The bonus ends after landing on or passing GO.

In addition to the six Big Event bonuses, Egyptian Riches also gives players the opportunity to win extra credits in its own bonus round. In the Egyptian Riches Bonus, players choose from one of 20 chests. The chest can reveal credit values, Dragon, or Monkey's. If a Dragon is revealed then the Dragon upgrades the chests to higher values. If a Monkey is revealed then the Monkey takes away chests. When no chests are left to select the bonus ends.

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