Eggomania [Model VC2003]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by US Games

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Eggomania © 1982 US Games Corp.

Eggomania is a one to four player, full color game. A strangely colored, feathered fowl is bent on bombing your bedeviled blue bear with dozens of even stranger colored eggs. Your only defense is catching those falling orbs in your hat before they break and cause a real mess! If you succeed in catching an entire wave, you get the delightful opportunity to get even and fire them back at that turkey ! You'll be dazzled by his reaction. So go after that bird -- if you can BEAR the pressure. Otherwise, the yolks on you !!

Game Variations:
Game 1: Single player
Game 2: Two player
Game 3: Three player
Game 4: Four player
Model VC2003

* Move your harried bear back and forth across the screen as little as possible; if eggs are falling close to each other (in a vertical column), position your hat under them and adjust only slightly to either side.

* Any excessive or inefficient movement and you'll wind up with egg on your face! (Feet, paws, and body too!)

* Try to recognize a pattern of the eggs as they fall. This will help you anticipate where to make your next move -- -- -- -- ooops ! !


* Position the bear somewhere near the center of the screen and wait for that turkey to pass by -- don't follow him!

* Timing and accuracy on shooting the turkey during the Eggomania waltz is critical. Try to anticipate his next move and lead his direction a little whileshooting only when necessary -- constant firing throws off timing and seems to makethat turkey dance even more.

* Once you have accomplished this task, you can sit back and enjoy bonus points and a flustered, embarrassed turkey!
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