Earthworm Jim 2 [Model SLES-00343]

Sony PlayStation CD published 24 years ago by Virgin Interactive Ent.

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Earthworm Jim 2 © 1996 Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

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Game ID: SLES-00343
Playmates Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Executive Producer: David A. Luehmann
Producer: Scott Herrington
Lead Tester: Lee Jones (The Hammer)
PIE QA Crew: Andrew Brown (Qyv), Arthur Datangel, Carlos Rodriguez (The Jackal), James Martinez (Mayhem), Jose Zatarain (The Connection), Leland Mah
Marketing Manager: Kelly Frey
Manual Written by: Scott Herrington
Special Thanks to: Thomas Chan, Richard Sallis, Sharon Bowman, Kathy Sison, Ron Antonette, Susan Porter, Claudia Zinn, Sachs; Finley & Co., Moore & Price Design Group

Screaming Pink, Inc.
Programming: Daniel Berke, Andrew Caldwell, Donald E. Cherf Jr.
Very Small Piece of Code Written by: Lee Waggoner
Art Director: Karen Dole
Lead Artists: Jonathan P. Gwyn, Karen Dole
Additional Art: Lin Shen
Lovely Continue Animation: John Kubasco (The Kid)
Music & Sound FX: Tommy Tallarico
Tools: Andrew Caldwell, Donald E. Cherf Jr., John Rehling
Characters Created by: Douglas TenNapel

Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Ltd.
Producer: Anil Khedun
Lead Tester: Al Perch