Earnest Evans

Sega Genesis Game published 26 years ago by Renovation Products

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Earnest Evans © 1992 Renovation

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The game's name is a pun on Ernest Evans, the real name of singer Chubby Checker (which was itself a pun on the name Fats Domino).
Goodies for Earnest Evans
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Produced by: Masaaki Uno
Directed and Programmed by: Yukihiko Tani (Bugtarou)
Graphics by: Toshio Yamamoto, Masayuki Kaneda, Kazuhiro Nagata, Jun Hoyano
Music Composed by: Motoi Sakuraba
Executive Producer: Masahiro Akishino
Cooperation by: Ryōta Furuya, Jun Hoyano
Thanks To: Chikaaki Tokuhiro, Fumiaki Fukaya, Hiroshi Ogawa, Joe Asanuma
Special Thanks To: Kazuyuki Fukushima

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