EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Team Challenge

Arcade Video Game published 13 years ago by Global VR

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EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Team Challenge © 2006 Global VR.

Exciting new play modes attract new players while challenging the old. New courses and new golfers update the golf setting while the addition of exciting new competitive play and training modes make 'EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Team Challenge' fun and easy for the novice and challenging for the pros. Play as a Team!
* Team Play : 2 player co-operative or 4 Player versus, where each team hits their best ball.
* Driving Range : The all new Driving range helps train new and old players alike.
* World Tour : 24 Courses in World Tour, including the all new Greek Isles fantasy course.
* Amusement Courses : 14 amusement courses including the FANTASY TOUR
* Instant Online : Register game cabinets in a flash
* Players' Card Dispenser : New game cabinets are ready to deliver a card when a player wants it.
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Executive Producer : John Ray

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