Dungeon Master [Model SNS-V2-USA]

Nintendo Super NES Game published 25 years ago by JVC Musical Industries, Inc.

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Dungeon Master © 1993 JVC.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Dungeon Master [Model SHVC-V2]"

Teaser text from this American version:
Chaos lives in your master's dungeon
Are you clever enough to solve an evil wizard's twisted puzzles ? Do you possess the concentration needed to explore a labyrinth of mystery ? Should you resist the tempting treasures, defeat the hideous monsters, and escape the devious traps that are hidden throughout the Grey Lord's dreadful dungeon ? Yes ? Then perhaps you'll be the one to enter the caves of the sacred mountain and retrieve the Firestaff from the evil Lord Chaos. To succeed, you must assemble a band of four champions and lead them in fierce battles against the terrible Dark Lord who now rules you master's dungeon. And if you fail ? At best, you'll meet your ghastly end in the dungeon's wretched catacombs, like hundred of brave adventurers who went before you. Far worse, you might become a captive "trophy" of the evil Lord Chaos, suspended forever in the haunting mirrors of the Hall of Champions.




Released in June 1993 in the USA.
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