Duck Hunt

A 49-year-old Coin-op Gun Game by SEGA Enterprises

Impossible to emulate.


Duck Hunt © 1969 Sega.

Electro-mechanical arcade game. The 25-cent game features 10 animated ducks flying on a screen from left to right which disappear when shot with the attached shotgun controller. The player receives ten shots, and the shot ducks are framed in a duck hunting score. Shooting the shot gun and hitting a duck produces a sound effect. The game dispenses a perforated computer card-style ticket showing shooting accuracy and score when game is finished which could be used for prizes or as a permanent record of the player's score. Additionally, the game could be set to give a free game for a perfect score.


Duck Hunt the Coin-op Gun Game
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Height: 69 in.
Width: 28 in.
Depth: 38 in.


Released in January 1969.

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