Drummania V4 RockxRock

A 11-year-old Arcade Video Game by Konami Digital Ent.

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Drummania V4 RockxRock © 2007 Konami Digital Entertainment Company, Limited.

Drummania V4 Rock√óRock is a game created by Konami as part of the Bemani series. The player uses a simulated drum controller to play the notes of a chosen song's drum part as they are displayed on the screen.

e-Amusement support is included, and the machine also comes equipped with the 'Double Rock' feature which connects the game to the GuitarFreak system.

Drummania V4 RockxRock features an updated selection of songs, 3 clear modes to show what level you passed each song at, as well as changes to existing songs levels.
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Drummania V4 RockxRock the Arcade Video Game
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Konami Bemani PC Type 3 Variant 2 Hardware

CPU : Celeron 1.5Ghz
RAM : DDR2700 512MB
VGA : ATI Radeon 9600XT
Audio : Realtek AC'97
HDD : SATA 80GB 3.5 in.
O/S : WindowsXP Embedded
Control : I/O Control PCB connected by USB (Known as the Python 3)


Drummania V4 RockxRock was released in August 2007.
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1. DrumMania (1999)
2. DrumMania 2ndMIX (2000)
3. DrumMania 3rdMIX (2000)
4. DrumMania 4thMIX (2001)
5. DrumMania 5thMIX (2001)
6. DrumMania 6thMIX (2002)
7. DrumMania 7thMIX (2002)
8. DrumMania 8thMIX (2003)
9. DrumMania 9thMIX (2003)
10. DrumMania 10thMIX (2004)
11. DrumMania Kids Planet (2004)
12. DrumMania V (2005)
13. DrumMania V2 (2005)
14. DrumMania V3 (2006)
15. DrumMania V4 Rock√óRock (2007)
16. DrumMania V5 Rock to Infinity (2008)
17. DrumMania V6 Blazing!!!! (2009)
18. DrumMania XG (2010)
19. DrumMania V7 (2010)
20. DrumMania XG2 Groove to Live (2011)
21. DrumMania V8 (2011)
22. DrumMania XG3 (2012)
23. GITADORA [DrumMania] (2013)

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Official website; http://www.konami.jp/bemani/gfdm/gfdmv4/