Draw Poker Club

Slot Machine published 16 years ago by Octavian Italy srl

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Draw Poker Club © 2003 Octavian.


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* Double up : Select one card to yourself and one card to the dealer. If your card happened to be higher than the dealer's, your win will be doubled. You may continue gambling then (press the DOUBLE button), or return to the base game (press the TAKE WIN button) - your win will increment the credit meter. If you failed to beat the dealer, you lose and return to the base game. Winnings may be doubled up to 6 times.

* Draw Poker 5 & 5 Features : Apart from 5 hands that are dealt horizontally, the hands that are formed down are added for free. The vertical winning hands are marked with red in the paytable.
Note : The cards that are held do not play vertically and are not considered to be a vertical winning hand.
The vertical hands are marked by red indexes.
In the given example after the cards were dealt, two of them were held. That means that only three of five vertical hands play (with red indexes). After the draw horizontal winning hands are marked with yellow, vertical ones - with rose.