Dragon's Lair [Model CGB-BDXE-USA]

Nintendo Game Boy Color Game published 17 years ago by Capcom

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Dragon's Lair © 2001 Capcom Company, Limited.

The Game Boy Color conversion of Dragon's Lair features every scene from the arcade game. However, to fit the entire game into the tiny 4MB ofspace, a few scenes have been shortened and some actions removed.


Cartridge ID: Model CGB-BDXE-USA
Package ID: Model CGB-P-BDXE


Dragon's Lair for Game Boy Color was released on January 15, 2001 in USA.


Art Director: Boyd Burggrabe
Artist: Arvin Bautista, Ronnie Fike, Rima Litonjua, Daniel Schallock
Creative Director: Mike Mika
Executive Producer: Andrew Ayre, Jeff Vavasour
Lead Artist: Dean Lee
Production: Bill Baffy, Renee Johnson
Programmer: Cathryn Mataga
Sound: Robert Baffy
Support Programmer: Jeremy Mika
Supporting Artist: Andy Chiu, Kevin Jamees, Matt Leunig, Mike Yuki
Tilekiller Tool Programmer: Dan Filner

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