Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp [Model 810 0125]

Phillips CD-i CD-ROM published 25 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp © 1994 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Having tried to lose Dirk in the Dragon's Lair, the evil wizard Mordroc strikes again, kidnapping Princess Daphne to a wrinkle in time. Join Dirk and his Time Machine in hot and hilarious pursuit. Defeat the Wizard or Daphne will be lost forever.


Model 810 0125


Export releases:
[US] "Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp 310690139-2"


CDi version:
Produced by: Superclub, Int'l CDI
Executive producers: P.M.J.A. Fitters, M. De Coster, W. Wallyn, A. Wennegers, A. Fitzpatrick
Legal Advice: M. Noonan

Integrated by: International Creative Digital Image (Charleroi)

Technical Director: Bruno Rahir
Project Leader: Thierry Walrant
Software Design Engineer: Thierry Walrant, Joel Dolisy, Benoit Gehenot
Additional Graphics Design: Nathalie Aughuet
Interactive Design: Alex Wennegers, Alain Hainaut, Joel Dolisy, Thierry Walrant
Production follow up: Alex Wennegers
Digital Video Engineer: Yves Boreux

Telecinema, Video and Audio processing: Studio L'Equipe (Brussels)

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