Dragon Castles

TRS-80 MC-10 Soft. published 15 years ago by Perosi

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Dragon Castles © 2004 Charles Perosi.

A terrible dragon is terrorizing a small kingdom of eight castles. Your mission is to search the 8 castles for treasure and weapons. Each piece of treasure or weapon you find increases your score. Beware! The dragon is hidden in one of the castles. If your score is not equal to or above the amount specified by the game level you chose, you lose the game and the dragon wins! Also beware of the dragon's friends. If you happen to find one of them in a castle they won’t end your game, but they will take away from your score. If your score is equal to or higher than the amount specified by the game level and you find the dragon, you win the game!!


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Released in April 2004.


After the intro screen you will be asked to pick a game level. The number to the right is how high your score must be to be able to defeat the dragon on that particular level. Level 1 requires a score of 300 or higher to win.

After selecting the game level, you are shown the main screen. Here you simply enter the number of the castle you wish to search and press ENTER. Notice on this screen you can see your score and how many turns you have taken. The screen will also indicate if your score is high enough to defeat the dragon should you find him.

After selecting the castle you want to search, the screen will show you a close up of the castle and then what was found inside. Your score will then be added to or taken away from depending on what you find!!

After this, if you did not win or lose by finding the dragon, you are taken back to the main screen to choose again. Remember, all items are moving at random and you are likely to find different items in different castles at each move. This includes the dragon and his friends!

Notes: Rolling an eight-sided die makes choosing a castle fun. These can be found in most mall hobby stores.

Seems strange, that the dragon likes to hide in the red and orange castles a lot.


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