Dragon Ball - Final Bout [Model SLPS-00949]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Bandai

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Dragon Ball- Final Bout © 1997 Bandai Co., Ltd.

Scrap-happy cartoon characters starring in their own manga-style beat 'em up? It can only be the return of mad Japanese animated adventure Dragon Ball Z to the PS one!

For those who are familiar with the anime-action, this will be a welcome addition to the fold. With its fast-paced frenetic fighting style, and all the familiar faces from the TV show, Final Bout is a must for Dragon Ball fans. You can choose to play as one of ten of the show's characters, and unlock seven extra special characters as you progress. Take part in four different modes, such as The Taisen (Battle), and Tenkaichi Budoukai (no holds barred) modes, to test your skills and combat techniques. There are several handy special moves to get to grips with too, including the Meteo Smash, a series of built in, continuous attacks, and the Combo Breaker move, a nifty counterstrike that'll scupper your opponent's attack.

With an ever-changing storyline, and a variety of endings, Final Bout promises to be a fast and furious fight to the finish, again and again!

* Play as one of 10 normal characters or one of 7 special hidden characters.
* Master a variety of combos, inlcuding the Meteo Smash.
* Four different modes to sample.


Game ID: SLPS-00949


Released on August 21, 1997 in Japan.

[JP] "Dragon Ball - Final Bout [Model SLPS-91079]" (PlayStation the Best for Family, 1998)

Export releases:
[US] "Dragon Ball GT - Final Bout [Model SLUS-00493]"
[EU] "Dragon Ball GT - Final Bout [Model SLES-03735]"


Executive Producer: Takeshi Yasukawa
Producers: Daisuke Uchiyama, Megumi Okada

Original Version
Executive Producer: Toshihiro Suzuki
Producer: Daisuke Uchiyama
Game Designers: Jun Hayashibara, Kei Matsurikita
Chief Programmer: Ken Motohashi
Programmers: Wanjiro Hoshiya, Yaise Tomoka
3D Designers: Tatsuya Oono, Shouiti Honjou, Aki Kusunoki, Katsuhito Kawata
Action Designers: Hajime Owari, Yoshiyuki Yamaki, Sakura Fujiden, Kinko Kurode
2D Designers: Masaki Kanbayashi, Mika Mika
Sound: Morihiro Kamogawa

Produce: Project DBZ
Singers: Hironobu Kageyama, Kuko
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto
Songwriter: Yuriko Mori
Recording Engineer: Haruo Saitō
Guitar: Masaki Matsubara
Piano: Hidetoshi Yamada

Motion Capture
Producer: Imagica
Technical Director: Tetsue Kawano
Capture Operators: Mitsumasa Munakata, Daisuke Kobayashi

Opening Movie
Director: Mitsuo Hashimoto
Visual Supervisor: Naotoshi Shida
Art Supervisor: Takashi Yoshiike
Cameraman: Fumio Hirokawa
Editor: Shinichi Fukumitsu
Record: Kenji Ninomiya
Sound Engineer: Hidetoku Arai
Coordinators: Yuichi Suenaga, MIT Studios, HP K's World, Kodama Yamamoto, Canon Yamamoto
Special Thanks: BIRD Studio, Shueisha, Toei Animation