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NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 28 years ago by NEC Avenue

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Download © 1990 NEC Avenue, Limited.

Download is an horizontal shooter by Nec Avenue. The game takes place in 2099 in the city of Kabukicho (Japan). The story begins when the cyber-diver and special agent Syd gets awaken by a special message from his friend Deva. She explains that something bad is going on with the case they are both investigating. Case which already took the life of their cyber-diver friend Ohala. She is now held prisioner by the Kabukicho police and Syd decides to ride his flying bike and to rush to her rescue. Interestingly, Download offers a complex and unusual gameplay - Syd can "jack-in" and various stages actually happen inside a computer network. Two upgradable main weapons are available - a Beam Vulcan (which can fire in five directions when fully loaded) and a Laser Cannon. Secondary weapons can also be equipped, from the Chaser homing missiles or the Crusher. The game is vast and a password system is available to save the game's progress.


Game ID: NAPH1007


Released on June 22, 1990 in Japan for 6800 Yen.

[FR] Player One (Sept. 1990): 84/100
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Download staff
Program: FZ0993R, Nan Chan, Ton Nos
Graphic Design: Tombo Gokuraku, Taku Shimizu, Kintaroh Mikawa, Yasunori Takahara
Scenario: Ken Ohmori
Director: Cookie Ohta
Character Design: Masaomi Kanzaki
Novels: Wataru Nakajima
Music: Yasumiko Hukuda
Sound Engineer: Hatomugu
Technical Adviser: Ciao, Hyper Joker, I Love Uyu Very Much
Thanks: Sofix, Rim
Produce: Toshio Tabeta
Executive Producer: Makoto Sakio

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel;