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List of sound playables on this page (19 files):

01 how to ok!.vgz
02 100 points for that guy!!.vgz
03 true fighter.vgz
04 the elder son is heart-broken.vgz
05 power transform.vgz
06 i will punish those who bully the weak.vgz
07 fighting abobo.vgz
08 bloody meat bomb.vgz
09 earnest kicking.vgz
10 chi nen nin.vgz
11 suihassenken.vgz
12 flying angel.vgz
13 kochinda.vgz
14 shadow assassin.vgz
15 dark master.vgz
16 moon in the factory.vgz
17 tomorrow looks like a fine day.vgz
18 hurry up!!.vgz
19 over already!.vgz