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List of songs playables on this page:

01 title.vgz02 to the dragon world (intermission).vgz03 cleopatra theme (mission 1-1).vgz04 in america (mission 1-2).vgz05 new shadow warriors (mission 1-3).vgz06 jim theme (boss 1).vgz07 the way of sousetsuken (mission clear).vgz08 in china (mission 2).vgz09 chin theme (boss 2).vgz10 in japan (mission 3-1).vgz11 ranzou theme (mission 3-2).vgz12 hiruko trap (boss 3).vgz13 in italy (mission 4).vgz14 giuliano theme (boss 4).vgz15 enter the dragon (mission 5-1).vgz16 cursed forest (mission 5-2).vgz17 mission 5-3.vgz18 the 20,000 year old monster arises (boss 5-1).vgz19 roppe, the stoneman (boss 5-2).vgz20 to children in the world (ending).vgz21 game over.vgz