Dorke and Ymp

Nintendo Super NES Game published 3 years ago by Piko Interactive LLC

Not emulated yet.


Dorke and Ymp © 2015 Piko Interactive.

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Dorke and Ymp was an unreleased Super Nintendo game developed back in the early 1990's by a Swedish company called Norse. The game was developed with unlicensed tools made by the game programmers. Unfortunately it failed to acquire a publisher and was never released. Luckily, Piko Int. acquired the source code of about 50% of the game. Then they updated the game by adding new features:
* Over 100 bugs and crashes fixed!
* Added a whole new world and levels (Volcano)
* Added menu, cutscenes and ending.
* Implemented password save system
* Designed, developed and implemented four boss fights, according to the original game story.
* Organized pieces the game to be able to play with proper continuity

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