Doom [Model SLUS-00077]

Sony PlayStation Game published 23 years ago by Williams Ent., Inc.

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Doom © 1995 Williams Ent., Inc.

This is it! The gaming addiction that's been played by an estimated 10 million fanatics on the PC. And now it's out in a sweat-soaked, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-wrenching version fot the PlayStation game console.

It's DOOM. The Custom PlayStation Edition. Enhanced to take full advantage of the PlayStation's cutting-edge technology. With over 50 levels of madness and mayhem from ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM II. Plus, unique new levels of destruction that make all hell break loose on your screen!

* Over 50 hellish levels.
* All-new ambient lighting effects.
* Super fast speed; up to 30 frames/sec.
* All-new 24-channel stereo sound effects.
* Includes all original secrets, triggers, switches and areas to explore.
* The best monsters, weapons and bosses from ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM II.
* All the classic cheat modes plus a new, powerful cheat mode unique to the Custom PlayStation Edition of DOOM.


Game ID: SLUS-00077


Doom was released on November 16, 1995 in USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Doom [Model SLES-00132]"
[JP] "Doom [Model SLPS-00308]"
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