Doom [Model 84506]

Sega Genesis 32X cart. published 29 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

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Doom [Model 84506] screenshot

Doom © 1994 SEGA of America, Inc.

32X port of DOOM. This version contains only seventeen maps, taken from the Knee Deep in the Dead and The Shores of Hell episodes. No maps from the third episode, Inferno, have been included. Maps present: E1M1-E1M8 and E2M1-E2M7, as well as the two secret levels E1M9 and E2M9.

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Game ID: 84506


After the end credits, the game concludes by reverting to a fake DOS prompt if the player activated the cheat codes. This screen cannot be exited without shutting off the system. If the game was beaten without cheating, the prompt will not be shown; rather the player will see a montage of enemies encountered in the game, just as in DOOM II.


Pretty close to the final. Last Prototype build available to the public from pre-release currently.

"I'm too Young to Die" can freeze the game if selected on the main menu.

First build with sound effects.
Sound effects tend to cancel each other out. This is noticeable especially in the chaingun and monster death cries.
The screwed up music in Military Base is removed and now the level has no music.
Military Base is now listed as level 24, indicating a level was removed or that Military Base was moved up one slot in the internal data.
The demo that plays on the main menu behaves oddly. the player spins 360 degrees non-stop.

Military Base now dumps the player in Level 4 like it is supposed to.

Final version music implemented. Sound effects still missing.
Fortress of Mystery now correctly displays "Now Entering Level 26"
Military Base and Fortress of Mystery don't seem to have any real music. Instead it seems to be a bunch of random sounds. It is possible that this was a music track but got corrupted for some reason. Of course, it may just be garbage sound.
Screen border changed to the final version.
Game speed issue from last build fixed.
Fortress of Mystery is impossible to complete because the game doesn't register the player as having the blue key, even after collecting it.
Copyright screen and Logo screen now appear before the main menu like in the final.

Military Base map now exists. The fences around the small building in the center of the main intersection have no walls but it has collision still. Beating Military Base warps the player to Fortress of Mystery strangely. However, the words "now entering Level 3" are displayed. This is strange because Military Base is listed as Level 25 internally.
This build runs absurdly fast making Doomguy difficult to control at times.
Menus finally work and adjusted to the final's.

HUD changed to the final version. Doomguy is finally animated.
Military Base map still not added, resulting in the "Map 25 Not found" error mentioned previously.
Music reenabled.

Screen size reduced dramatically. Border used for the game's window is different from the final's.
Warp to Military Base functioning now but the level file doesn't exist yet resulting in an error to be displayed. The Level is listed internally as Map25.
Level geometry and textures simplified greatly.
The music from last build is disabled. Engine seems to have been possibly rebuilt.
Last build to feature the old HUD.
Framerate now at a consistent level.

Not many changes from last build.
Still fullscreen and menus not functioning.
Bug with Chaingun potentially freezing the game if shot at a wall in Level 2. (could be in previous build as well)
Menu still not functioning. As with last build, it will pop up if start is pressed. The menu also has a password option added that doesn't work as well.
Pausing the game is still impossible.
Still no sound
A very early (and possibly better) version of "At Doom's Gate" plays through the entire prototype during gameplay.
Military Base not accessible and the player is warped to Level 4 instead.
This is the last build to feature PC version textures and geometry. Also the last build to be in fullscreen.

Earliest Build known to public currently.
Contains textures and level geometry from the PC version still.
Level 3's secret exit sends the player to Level 4 instead of the secret Military Base Level.
No sound or music.
Menu that doesn't work properly.
Pausing the game is impossible.
More detailed HUD with Ammo listing like in the PC version. Doomguy is not animated. Ammo listing also seems to not be functioning.
Inconsistent framerate. Tends to jump around a lot.
Menu number pallete is Red instead of Pink like the final's.


Game's ROM.