Donkey Kong [Model CX7848]

Atari 7800 cart. published 34 years ago by Atari

Donkey Kong [Model CX7848] screenshot

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Donkey Kong © 1988 Atari Corp.

Poor Mario. Just when things were going so well for him -- new girlfriend, new car, new job -- that beastly ape Donkey Kong kidnaps Mario's girlfriend and drags her off screaming to the top of a steel fortress. To save her, Mario must climb to the top of the fortress, remove dangerous rivets, and fend off life-threatening barrels and fireballs that the ape throws down at him. It's a tough fight, and Mario needs your help. Be a chum. Be a hero. Help Mario save his girlfriend.

Goodies for Donkey Kong [Model CX7848]
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Model CX7848


Get purse, umbrella: 800 points
Jumping a barrel: 100 points
Removing a rivet: 100 points
Smashing a barrel or fireball with the hammer: 500 points


Extra life at 20,000 points.


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