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Donkey Kong Junior © 1982 Nintendo of America.

Export release for North America. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the "Donkey Kong Jr." (Japanese version) entry.


Donkey Kong Junior [Model DJR1-UP] the  Arcade PCB
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Donkey Kong Junior was released in August 1982 in North America.

The Japanese version, as well as some bootleg versions, have the suffix abbreviated in the printed title rather than fully spelled out ("Donkey Kong Jr.").

Donkey Kong Junior spawned a cartoon series of the same name : Ruby-Spears Productions. Produced By Joe Ruby, Ken Spears. Originally aired September 17, 1983 as part of 'Saturday Supercade' on CBS.


In these versions featuring the suffix fully spelled out in the title screen ('Junior.') :
1. You are only allowed to enter a name up to three letters long in the High Score list (instead of twelve).
2. In the Vines and Chains stages, Red Snapjaws regenerate at Mario's feet after being killed by fruit starting in L4 (instead of L5).

The Japanese boards have all four screens displayed in their original, logical order 1-2-3-4. For the US board, it was changed to somewhat match the original Donkey Kong's 'How High Can You Try/Get?' theme with the screen order as follows :
L1 : 1-4 (Springboard and Mario's Hideout stages both omitted)
L2 : 1-2-4 (Mario's Hideout stage omitted)
L3 : 1-3-4 (Springboard stage omitted)
From L4 onward, all four stages are displayed in order, as in the Japanese version.


1. Donkey Kong (1981)
2. Donkey Kong Junior (1982)
3. Donkey Kong 3 (1983)


NOTE : Only ports released in North America are listed here. For ports released in other regions, please see the Japanese version's entry.

Colecovision usa (1982) "Donkey Kong Junior [Model 2601]"
Mattel Intellivision usa (1983) "Donkey Kong Jr [Model 2671]"
usa Atari 2600 (1983) "Donkey Kong Junior [Model 2653]"
Atari XEGS
usa Nintendo NES (june.1986) "Donkey Kong Jr. [Model NES-JR-USA]"
usa Atari 7800 (1988) "Donkey Kong Jr. [Model CX7849]"

usa Atari 800 (june.1, 1984) "Donkey Kong Junior [Model RX8040]"
Tandy Color Computer usa (1983) "Junior's Revenge"
Tandy Color Computer 3 usa (1986) "Return of Junior's Revenge"

LCD tabletop game usa (1983) by Coleco : This is a color LCD game (color accomplished with a color plastic overlay on the LCD), and is back-lit by an external light source (room light, sun, etc.). It can't be played in the dark like the VFD games.
LCD tabletop game released by Nintendo (Game&Watch) usa

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