Donkey Kong Foundry

Arcade Video Game published 15 years ago by Romhack

Emulated in MAME !
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Donkey Kong Foundry © 2004 Romhack.

A "Donkey Kong" hack featuring a new level : The Foundry. Jump over flaming pits, ride moving steel beams, and dodge shooting fireballs!


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Donkey Kong Foundry ROMs feature :
1) The INSERT COINS message and Coin(s) per Credit(s) info is removed from the Attract Mode.
2) Shows FREEPLAY in place of CREDITS.
3) Walk up to game and press 1- or 2-Player start, no need for coins.
4) Attract mode runs, game will not freeze on the Press 1 or 2 player screen
5) New Freeplay mode replaces 5 Coins/1 Credit mode.
6) Includes new level : The Foundry


Game Hacking by : Jeff Kulczycki

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