Dolphin [Model AX-024]

Atari 2600 cart. published 40 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Dolphin [Model AX-024] screenshot

Dolphin © 1983 Activision.

Listen! An endangered dolphin is calling you! Only by learning the dolphin's sonic language can you guide her through schools of seahorses, battling a monstrous squid, to gain magic powers from and elusive seagull. Hurry! Lend an ear...

There are eight game variations. Games 1, 3, 5, and 7 are for one player. Games 2, 4, 6, and 8 are for two players. Level of difficulty rises accordingly, with games 1 and 2 being the easiest. At higher levels, the squid will be smarter and quicker.


Model AX-024


Can you reach a score of 80,000 points? If so, you could be eligible, back in the 80s, to join the ranks of 'Friends of Dolphins' and wear their patch. A certain very high score (the amount is secret, but it is under 500,000) will cause the score to be replaced by a secret word. This was the requirement for initiation into the 'Secret Society of Dolphins'. By sending a photograph of your TV screen to Activision, you received the appropriate patch.


Tips from Matthew Hubbard, designer of Dolphin.
Matthew Hubbard is full of surprises. Besides designing top-notch video games, he's a member of a new wave band! Matt also knows a lot about dolphins, and we're pleased to introduce them in his first work on behalf of Activision.

"The best tip I can give you is this: 'He who hesitates is lunch.' But, for the record, here are a few more pointers."

"At first, don't completely rely on the 'slip'. Instead, become an expert at decoding sonar. Work with one tone at a time until you can easily predict the exact location of each opening. Notice, too, that there is never an opening at the very bottom or very top of the schools."

"Another thing to notice is that a bad wave often follows each opening. So, after your Dolphin swims through, be ready to make a quick move."

"Dolphins are truly amazing, and I hope my work will inspire you to find out more about these great mammals. If you read any interesting facts, or would like to discuss the game, send me a note. I look forward to hearing from you."


Programmer: Matthew Hubbard


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