DJ Max Technika

Arcade Video game published 15 years ago by Pentavision

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DJ Max Technika © 2008 Pentavision.

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The arcade cabinet consists of two screens, a bottom 22-inch touch screen where the game is played, and an upper 32-inch screen for spectators to view, both in Hi-Definition. There is a vibrating stage and game-based lights and speakers. There is an ID-Card Reader for people who have a Platinum Crew ID Card.

The system is powered by Intel Celeron E1400, 2GB of RAM, Biostar P31 mainboard, 160GB Western Digital hard drive, Creative Audigy Sound card and ATI Radeon graphics, with Windows XP Embedded as the core operating system. The touch screen is infrared which allows multiple simultaneous input during gameplay.


Release dates:
Japan: November 28, 2008
Korean: December 31, 2008
Taiwan: April 10, 2009
Honk Kong: April 27, 2009
North America: June 2009
Philippines: July 2009
Thailand: July 6, 2009
China: August 26, 2009
Singapore: November 2009
Australia: December 24, 2009

Pentavision originally developed an online version of DJ MAX but the result was was a flop.

In 2011, Konami sued Pentavision because DJ MAX was very smilar to "beatmania".


Producer : Ryu-hee man
Graphic Designer : Lee-choi hee, Shin-bong Gun