Disco Inferno [Model PR7048]

Fruit Machine published by Mazooma Games

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Disco Inferno © 200? Mazooma Games.

Make your way around the dance floor for Cash, Features and Bonus Nudges. Get 3 'Disco Inferno' symbols to enter the Super Feature.

Hi Lo your way to the top of the charts for the JACKPOT or stay alive and go for Winspins, Reel Blasts, Cash Shots or Cash Repeaters.


[Model PR7048]

Technology : Scorpion 4
Cabinet : Smiley II front-opening
Jackpot : £15 / £5
Stakes : 20p, 25p, 30p


Disco Inferno was the first UK AWP to feature Mazooma's unique CardMech technology, enabling more options and feature to be offered then ever before.

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