Dirt Dash

Arcade Video game published 26 years ago by NAMCO

Dirt Dash screenshot

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Dirt Dash © 1995 Namco, Limited.

You take part in the Forest Valley Challenge, which is by default 1 lap around from the starting point of any 5 sections. These sections are as follows, along with it's difficulty:
City - Very Easy
Hill - Easy
Jungle - Medium
Mountain - Hard
Snow - Very Hard

You select from 3 cars, which varies by level:
Desert Arrow - Beginner
Blue Dragon - Intermediate
Red Lightning - Expert

It's you and 6 rivals. Do you have what it takes to survive the 5 sections and take first place?

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Namco Super System 22


Dirt Dash was released in December 1995 in Japan.

If you watch Big Time Rush on TeenNick, the Big Time Rush band has a Dirt Dash cabinet in their apartment. The marquee was stripped most of it's graphics. This change was unknown, but it can be assumed to avoid legal issues with Namco.

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* T.T. Mode - Time Trials: Hold the brake pedal, accelerator pedal and view button, then insert coin. If the game is set to Free Play, press on the accelerator pedal last.

* Car Setting Mode: Enter T.T. Mode using the above instructions, but hold the view button, accelerator and brake pedal in the stage select and car select screens. Wait for the time to finish on your desired course and car, and the settings for the following will show:

- Front Spring
- Rear Spring
- Front Damper
- Rear Damper
- Front Stabilizer
- Rear Stabilizer
- Front LSD
- Center LSD
- Rear LSD

The settings for each range from 1 (soft) to 6 (hard) and the time allocated is 10 seconds before the race begins.

* Front View: Press the View button 6 times at any time during the race. The HUD is also hidden (time left, section times, map, .etc)


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Youtube video; http://youtu.be/wvHZpQozKYA